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The mission of Birmingham Nivoria Globe University is to provide High-Quality Students. Based on modern and efficient methods of education, which enable graduates to apply the acquired knowledge immediately into their professional life.

Popular Courses

Diploma in Business Administration

Interactive Diploma In Business Administration

Interactive Diploma in Business Administration is a versatile course that provides students with general business knowledge and the soft skills needed to work within a business environment. A cross-section of subjects from finance and accounting to interpersonal and communication skills will help to prepare students for the world of corporate management.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Interactive Bachelor of Business Administration

Interactive Bachelor of Business Administration undergraduate Business Management course. The duration of BBA is upon completion of contact hours as per required by the program. The course can be pursued either distance learning or Learning through correspondence or Online Distance Learning.

Masters of Business Administration

Interactive Master of Business Administration

Interactive Master of Business Administration is globally recognized standard of education in management. The main benefit of MBA studies is the practical nature of skills and knowledge gained in the program, high prestige and increased attractiveness of graduates on the labor market. The MBA program is designed for highly motivated students who want to improve and develop professionally and personally.

Doctorate of Business Administration

Interactive Doctorate of Business Administration

Interactive Doctor of Business Administration represents the highest level of education in the area of Business Administration and it is designed primarily for experienced managers operating at higher levels of management. Students learn how to understand the volatile business environment in its complexity, and develop the ability to respond effectively to new challenges. Students get to know the techniques of scientific research and their applicability in their professional practice.

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